Thursday, December 6, 2012


quenching my quest consuming quivering crumbs caught crumbling from chests. your cool cookie monster, here to foster your fantasies and facilitate frivolous over all freak-ness. in all fairness, your heiress i am but a servant thus you must dictate what dick does and Richard is richer than rich with a sole thicker than thick melting lust to liquid so lick to your thirsts content. our book will contain no table of contents you must be creative and conscious to conduct your path on this adventure of anatomy. and i await your arrival in pleasurable anguish as i pace and plot under the tree at our old meeting spot.        

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Promising a Precise death with a Face of Fabled Fairness Fabricated with Finesse yet her calmness is a Fragile Fib a Facade For behind her Flesh Flickers a Flame Favoring Fresh termoil. Fearless and feral, Feeding you soothing Fear through her Ecstacy Educing Eyes Elegantly Elevating Explicit Emotions Exposing Erect anatomy without Even attempting to be Erotic. Elegant irisis Erode Egos and Essential Ethics leaving you Embarassed and Eligable for her Emasculating Evil Extrude with Eager Electricity Through Her Hell-bent Hands Habitually Hindering the Hearts of men Hopeless momentarly Haulting to adjust Her Halo before returning to the Hysterical Heap of Humans she Hungers for. should you ever lay eyes on this Head Hunting Hellion, Hope you evade the Horrible Houcus pocus she comands with Hurrican forces for she is the second and first Horesmen Heir to the throne of Hades. she is older than History, masses have been slaghtered in Her name, countless conflicts amongst comrades and whole Homes destroyed . she is beautifull as beauty yet dangerous as dange she is not a warrior she is WAR


 Intoxicated Ideas
 Talk the keys off their hook.
Ignited Pains insert into ignitions,
while in between Bohemian Blinks
 The radio seems to adjust itself. the 
 Booms and Baps previously attributed to 
saving my life, take the wheel and drive my 
Fragile Soul through the familiar nights Red Lights. 
Hallucinations Howls from the wolf pack of paranoia 
riding in the back seat. Gas, Brake less than a foot apart. 
a decision must be made before they Clash, should i stay or should i go.

Friday, March 23, 2012

write right

Let me be your diary
i open my arms to you as if they were pages,
write in me
confide in me,
i will keep you inner most secrets under lock and key
scribble your anxietys on my palms
so we can walk hand in hand towards clarity,
Draw your fears on my chest
so when we hug you know you dont have to face them alone,
carve your past on my back
i will help you carry your burdons
stamp you truths on my knees
and i promise to never bend them
etch your wish list on my eyelids
so i may never be blind to your wants
create a masterpiece on my tounge
so i may praise your creativity
list your strengths on my lips
find your self esteem when we kiss
list you weaknesses on my finger tips
we will work on them together
narrate your fantasies around my navel
jot your life story down my leg
but leave room for future entries as we walk together

let me be your diary
write in me
confide in me
i hunger for your ink.


Push pull
she is in a quite storm
impatiently roaming
in her cloud,
waiting to go home
waiting to fall unto the comfort
of solidity,
Push Pull
once embraces and stripped of longing
she sheds the over bearing weight of need
becoming vulnerable
becoming weightless,
that which pushed
now pulls her back to the sky,
push pull
returning to the quite cloud
impatiently roaming
waiting for yet another storm to brew,
push pull
precipitation evaporation
a cycle of nature
a true love story

she may now only be a few particles making up a rain drop, but one day she will drop at the perfect time on the perfect spot, nourishing the perfect seed and ending his tireless search. together they will bloom into a rose, but until then she continues being pushed, being pulled evaporation and again precipitating living in the cycle of nature, writing a true love story.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Coca Kola

it was around 5 or 7 when i met here
i was 6 foot she was 5'7
i climed out of hell
just as she fell
from heaven
landed right in my arms
climbed into my veins
and infected me with her charm
her name was the hardest drug ive ever been on
she was a terminal virus
i happily invited
in my ear she flicked her razor sharp tounge
stabbing my counsious quite
she rolled up all my dreams
all i had to do was light it
more than a fling under her flame
i was guided
weither or not she was invited
on she marched unto my heart
stomping out my glases
for in her presence i was only short sighted
catching contact highs everytime she sighed
the sensation of suffication
whenever she was not at my side
she became my purpose
the sole reason i was alive
for i cant remember yesterday
and my crystal ball shows a grave
so my fingers betray me as the hit redial
its as if her fingers manipulate my vocal cords
as i ask if i may see her today
15 minutes past midnight
yet in the sun we lay
my instincts say run
but something within her voice says stay
i look to the sky whatching the clouds turn gray
as i turn to her to say
i love you
before the words came out her fingertips
killed my thoughts and closed my lips
before i knew it i was poised
to take a short lunge off of an even shorter cliff
i did not float like she said i would
now simply diving without the v
before i loose my final footing i catch her eye contact
with a final plea
mi amor
with tears swelling in her eyes
she turns in my direction
my name is not love
with this word do not call for me
i have no name
but the cool kids
the cool kids like to call me cocaine

wont really make since if you dont like jazz

can you hear the drums
listen to them cum
relax fall back
on the sax
let the cold train
infected your brain
be still
can you feel
the keys
dont resist
let you toes tap
a bass line
as natural
as the bend in your knee
let your lids fall
can you see
the breeze
lyrical bliss